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How to start training at home

Playing sports is an important business. But not everyone has the desire or ability to work with a trainer. In such cases, you can easily arrange a mini-gym at home. It is more convenient and cheaper. Let's consider how to get rid of laziness and what will help to achieve the set result.

Basic principles of self-organization

To succeed and not succumb to laziness, follow simple rules:

Designate the goal. Having decided what kind of result you want to achieve, it will become easier to choose a training program. This will also allow you to go in the right direction and not quit the business in the middle. Keep a real or mental picture in front of you and move towards it.

Create conditions. Its not about sitting in front of the TV and looking at the screen, lazily deca durabolin prezzo squatting. On the contrary, conduct training away from gadgets that can be distracting. The maximum that can be allowed is your favorite rhythmic and dynamic music. Under it, it is easier and more enjoyable to do exercises. If you do not prefer silence.

Encourage yourself. Even an adult enjoys praise. Especially deserved. Make it a habit after workouts to please yourself with something. For example, walks or going to the cinema. Sweet is best avoided if you create a shape. A piece of chocolate or a cake can nullify all the results. Then you dont want to work anymore.

Get creative with the process. Exercising is not dull exercises that are done through strength and desire. There are tons of ways to make them interesting. Use unusual shells or invite friends or relatives to practice. Boredom will go away and it will be more pleasant to achieve the goal.

Having dealt with self-organization, we move on to the selection of items that are useful to the athlete.

What to buy?

There are many sports equipment with which you can develop various muscle groups. The main and very popular are:

Expander. Inventory working on the principle of compression or stretching. It is compact and efficient: it easily fits on a shelf in a cabinet, but it will bring a lot of benefits. It happens of different types. The wrist is designed to train the hands and forearm. Such a shell can be found in the form of a rubber ring, a ball, scissors. The brachial develops the brachial and pectoral muscles, biceps, triceps. It consists of two handles fastened with springs. The expander "butterfly" is aimed at the development of all muscle groups. When choosing an inventory, consider its type and rigidity to make it comfortable to practice.

Jump rope. This is one of the most effective simulators. It improves metabolism, stimulates the heart, makes you slimmer, prevents cellulite, trains speed and endurance, and also normalizes the vestibular apparatus. In the absence of increased pressure and ailments with joints, a jump rope will become your best assistant and friend. When choosing, consider the material of the cord. For beginners, nylon and rope are more suitable. Be sure to hold the pens. They should be comfortable and not slip out.

Gymnastic wheel or roller for the press. It is made in the form of a wheel with two handles on the sides. With it, you can train your arms, abs, back and much more. The main exercise with this projectile is to kneel down and roll forward. It is necessary to place the body parallel to the floor surface without touching it. Then get up and pull the wheel behind you.

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